NetApp HCI – Part 1

Our NetApp HCI platform has arrived! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the delivery of our Small NetApp HCI gear. This hyper converged platform is based on the NetApp SolidFire storage.

We purchased the “Small” base version. This include (2) 2U appliances. The top unit is a compute appliance with (2) compute nodes. The second appliance hosts (4) storage nodes based on SolidFire Element OS.

Our lab environment will host VMware vCloud Director. Prior to installation, we will perform some load testing and publish findings.

NetApp HCI “Small” Configuration:

  • H300E compute nodes
    • (2) Intel E5-2620 CPU, 8-cores
    • 384 GB RAM
  • H300S storage nodes
    • (6) 480 GB SSD Drives
    • 50,000 IOPS

Our Installation.

I’m back!

In 2017, I changed my GoDaddy account settings to not auto-renew. This world for a couple months, until I missed a month and the site was deleted. I had most of the content and may repost later.

This was a good was to reset and rebuild. The previous site was bland. I hope this new site is a little more feature-rich.

So, please stop back soon and read some of my blog posts.